Our metal filaments combine the simplicity and safety of FFF printing with the superior properties of advanced metals, bringing metal 3D printing to your benchtop.


Composite Base filaments are engineering-grade materials that print using a conventional FFF (FDM-style) process. Print with them alone or with Continuous Fibers to yield strong parts. The ULTEM™ and 9085 trademarks are used under license from SABIC, its affiliates or subsidiaries.

Continuous Fibre

Continuous Fibres enable Markforged composite printers to print metal-strength parts. They cannot be used alone — however, when printed with a Composite Base, they form the backbone of a strong printed part.



Ultra high-performance carbon fiber filled PEKK for 3D printing aerospace parts

Vega is Markforged’s first engineered high temperature plastic — an ultra high-performance carbon fiber filled PEKK for 3D printing critical aerospace parts. Vega can be reinforced with continuous fiber to achieve aluminum strength for replacing structural, non-critical aerospace components. It exhibits a smooth black matte surface finish that is excellent for production parts with minimal post processing.

Works With


Aircraft Brackets, Handles, and Knobs  /  Non-critical structural aerospace parts  /  High temperature tooling  /  Custom aerospace ducting  /  Oil and Gas applications