The multifunctional software solution for creating and managing parts through the additive manufacturing workflow.

Prep. Print. Manage. Scale.

Produce strong parts on-demand and at the point of need with our cloud-connected and secure additive manufacturing platform.

From design to part — easily and quickly

Eiger is the engine of the Digital Forge. It reliably and effortlessly takes your designs from CAD to printed metal, continuous fiber, and composite parts in a single, intuitive interface.

Digital Part Inventory

Organise and manage parts with seamless, on-demand access from anywhere, anytime.

Automated Print Prep

Easily prepare parts for printing with a single click, or take full control of print settings and continuous fibre placement for unlimited customisation.

Constantly Improving

Eiger receives weekly updates, ensuring the Digital Forge is continually evolving.

Accelerate your productivity in Eiger with Simulation, Inspection, and Management and Integration: Powerful software features available in Digital Forge Complete plans.


Validate part performance and optimize print settings to ensure parts meet performance requirements while maximizing manufacturing efficiency.


Rapid and reliable quality control via automated part scanning plus intuitive measurement and reporting.

Management and Integration

Manage distributed manufacturing operations with increased efficiency, insight, and control.